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Archive for April, 2013

Wind Braces

Wind braces or sway braces – these are the (usually) curved braces in the roof that stretch from the principal rafter to the purlin.

Castler Ring Oak Frame workshop - wind brace

Primarily designed for the functional purpose of adding rigidity and preventing racking, it just so happens that they add a hugely dramatic visual flourish to the roof structure….. my favourite bit of the frame.Wind braces at Castle Ring Oak Frame

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Cross Frames

Timber framing thoughts – Cross Frames

This is often a good place to start when the design is done and dusted, the oak has been delivered, and is stacked in imposing heaps blocking out the sunlight in the yard.

Timber framing cross framesCross frames take the building’s loads down from the roof, through the posts to the footings while at the same time dividing up the structure into bays – genius!

Cross Frame at Castle Ring Oak

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Curves and the art of timber framing

If timber framing was all about rigid straight lines; square, level, plumb and perpendicular, it would be a structurally sound world full of strong manly buildings that lasted for centuries – but let’s face it, a bit boring.

Timber framing at Castle Ring Oak Frame workshopThank god for curves I say!

They soften and enchant with their flowing grain, reminding us in case we forget, their past life as a tree. I cut them with a chainsaw following the natural fibres of the wood for increased strength.

Timber framong at Castle Ring Oak Frame

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