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Wall Frames‏

Once the crossframes are all done and out of the workshop, work can begin on the wall frames which run the length of the building rising from the soleplate to the wallplate.

Castle Ring Oak Frame Wall Plates

The primary posts which make up the outside posts of the crossframes are dragged back into the workshop for more action and reincorporated back into the wallframe at 90 degrees, creating the bays that will define the internal spaces in the building.

Castle Ring Oak FrameThere’s no limit to the length of a wallframe as in theory (and if you’ve got enough space and money) you can just keep adding bays until you get bored!

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The “Lay Up”

The ‘Lay Up’ in the timber framing process

This is the process by which the timbers that will make up a frame are accurately stacked up on top of each other prior to scribing.

The Lay Up - Castle Ring Oak Frame

You can stack several layers at a time, but don’t get greedy as you invariably lose accuracy the higher you go!

Queen Post Lay Up - Castle Ring Oak Frame

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Scribe Rule

Timber framers (such as myself), like to perpetuate the myth that the mysterious and esoteric art of “scribing” is beyond the comprehension and capacity of mere mortals. It makes us feel we are the noble guardians of some secret, impenetrable, enigmatic code that is only available to a select few……Cobblers!
Scribe Rule timber frame
In it’s simplest form, scribe rule means laying one timber on top of another and using a plumb bob or spirit level to plot where the shoulders of one will drop vertically down to meet the other.
You just need an eyeball, a pencil, a plumb bob and a bit of practice.
Timber frame oak framedTimber frame scribe rule
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“Saw Carving” for when timber framing goes wrong‏

Yes, it happens. You have a bad day, the wind mysteriously dislodges the plumb bob, sawdust in your eye blurs your vision, the planets aren’t aligned and your meticulously scribed and cut joint looks like a dog’s breakfast.

First you throw your chisels out of the pram, then you accept your fallibility and reach for a sharp hand saw to start “saw carving”.

Saw Carving timber frame

This is the process by which you tidy up the botched joint by running the saw carefully between the offending shoulders until they match up neatly – calm is restored.

saw carving timber frameSaw carving i timber frames

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We would like to introduce a great new member of our team –  Claire, who is over from Brittany for the summer as part of Leonardo da Vinci student cultural exchange scheme to learn timber framing skills to complement her apprenticeship in french traditional carpentry.

Castle Ring Oak Frame workshop

For more details see: Leonardo da Vinci programme

Here we are shaping king posts for 4 king post trusses that have to be finished by the end of the weekend. Castle Ring Oak FrameCastle Ring Oak FrameRob DawsonClaire is already a crucial member of the team with special responsibility for feeding chickens, making pegs and replacing some tired and overworked trestles. Huge thanks!

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