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Tusk Tenon

The tusk tenon is a useful joint to choose when you need to connect horizontal timbers (such as in a floor layout) without weakening either beam too much. The tenon extends from some point up from the bottom surface, usually at the central or neutral axis of the beam into which it will locate.
Castle Ring Oak Frame tusk tenonsThis is all about preserving continuous beam fibres at the top and bottom of the morticed beam. What does “continuous beam fibres” mean? It means your house won’t fall down!The upper shoulder is cut at an angle to increase the strength or “shearing” area of the tenon, along with a “step” below the tenon for the same reason.

Castle Ring Oak Frame timber frame tenon

The great thing is that once the joint is assembled you’ve no idea it’s there.

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Joist Pockets

The trouble with floor joists is that there are always lots of them. It’s nobody’s fault but if you didn’t pack them in tightly together, you would no doubt end up on the ground floor rather than the first floor.

As timber framers, we have the option of dropping them in from above into a simple “housing” or cutting a “soffit tenon” which inserts into the floor beam. This is altogether a trickier option as you have to spread the beams to be able to locate both tenons – fine for one joist, but when you have a run of 15 …..

Castle Ring Oak Frame - Cutting Floor Joists

Either way it’s time to turn up the music in the workshop and get back to the production line!

Castle Ring Oak Frame -  Floor Joists

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Chisel Marks

How you organise the frame with chisel marks is crucial to the job of putting the whole shooting match back together again on site.

Imagine the scene – it’s raining, no, snowing! You have one day to raise the frame; the crane driver is costing you £50 an hour; you have a team of 6 men chomping at the bit; and not forgetting the client who is expecting to film a smooth and professional outfit perform a beautifully choreographed “raising” as seen in the Harrison Ford movie ‘Witness’.

So, you had better be able to identify each and every one of the 400 timbers on site by it’s individual chisel marking and orientate it the correct way.

Castle Ring Oak Frame - chilsel marks

Finishing the day without any timbers left over is also to be recommended ….

Castle Ring Oak Frame Chisel Marking


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