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Most timber framing joints are held together with oak pegs, and the frame is designed in such a way that these joints are in compression.

There are times however when the timbers in the joint are under tension and want to pull apart. Pegs may not be able to resist these extreme forces so now is the time to call the cavalry and get out the wooden wedges.

Castle Ring Oak Frame - Timber Frame A dry oak wedge driven in firmly above a dovetail benefits prevents the joint from pulling apart. Trouble is, as the green oak frame dries out, the timbers shrink and if the wedge isn’t constantly tapped up, the joint will work it’s way apart. It’s hardly the client’s fault if they forget to keep bashing in wedges, and to be honest, when they ordered the frame they didn’t think they had committed themseves to a couple of years monitoring joints……….always read the small print.

Timber framing workshop - Castle Ring Oak Frame

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