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SIPs‏ envelope for an oak frame house


SIPs are in, but what are they?

Structural Insulated Panels to be precise. Doesn’t sound like a whole bundle of laughs, let’s be honest, but how many people really get excited about “building envelopes” apart from those funky ones made from straw bales or cob? But we are excited about them and are using them in our builds more and more.

SIPs are panels consisting of a foam core sandwiched between sheets of oriented strand board OSB. Why are they so good? But more to the point why am I, as an oak framer, extolling their virtues? Well, because they are a high performance, factory built, insulated shell which can be designed to fit snugly to the outside of your oak frame (think favourite thermal vest…) giving you the best of both worlds – full unadulterated exposure of the structure internally, and a cutting edge highly insulated covering which can be installed in double quick time to boot.

At Castle Ring Oak Frame we can design and deliver your bespoke oak frame together with the SIP envelope, please get in touch with Rob Dawson to discuss your project 01547 560 231.

Here’s a frame we erected recently near Bewdley being enclosed by Sips Eco Panels. A really great mix of old and new construction.

SIPS panels and oak frame house timberframe house


SIPS Oak Frame House Sips panels timber frame

Old meets new

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Dry Run

Timber frame raising and the possibility of a ‘dry run’.

Although we manufacture all our oak timber frames in the comfort of our capacious and comfortable workshop, for the most part we never get to see the frame in it’s 3 dimensional glory until the day of the raising. This is why we get as excited as the clients as the structure takes shape.

We may have laid out and assembled a whole crossframe on trestles, but we can’t stand it upright for obvious reasons!

Castle Ring Oak Frame workshopOccasionally with smaller frames however, it is possible to “dry run” the assembly in the workshop, especially if in doing so, it enables us to work out trickier aspects of the roofing joinery that would normally be left until we are on site.

Castle Ring Oak Frame

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather solve a problem in the warm and dry than at the end of a long hard day, under the pouring rain with the client looking on!

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