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Furry Apprentice‏

Work is really stacking up at the moment – so much so that we have decided to take on more staff to keep up.

Our latest apprentice is Bonnie the Welsh Collie who has recently joined the team. Bonnie freely admits that her CV is not the most comprehensive when it comes to traditional timber framing, but feels sure her tenaciousness and deep sense of loyalty will more than compensate. She lists “rounding up chickens” and “fetching sticks” as her key qualities, both of which I’m sure will be very useful.

Bonnie’s first week in the workshop has been taken up selecting curves for braces – a task at which she has excelled. She is hoping to undergo chainsaw training shortly.

Castle Ring Oak Frame - workshopGo Bonnie!

(no animals were hurt in the making of this blog post)

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If you are thinking of commissioning an oak frame you might naturally be inclined to think that the most important considerations are (in no particular order) your budget, design, external cladding, vaulted ceilings, ensuring the accuracy and delivery of laser level blockwork to receive the long awaited frame etc etc.

These details may of course take up some of your time, but overarching priority should really be given to providing the best, and least cost effective refreshments for the raising team on the big day. A Castle Ring contract usually stipulates at least 3 varieties of biscuits in unlimited quantities, home made scones and/or rock cakes, copious quantities of FairTrade coffee and tea with organic milk and demerera sugar……and that’s before we even start.

Tea at Castle Ring Oak Frame

We like to finish off the day with a hog roast and home made cider (please).

Hog Roast at Castle Ring Oak Frame

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The Ridge

You know you’re getting to the end of a job when you start work on the ridge.
The roof frame is always the last frame that makes it’s way into the workshop having worked through crossframes, wallframes, and floor frames, and the ridge purlin comes after work has been completed on the purlins.

Castle Ring Oak Frame - Oak framed houses

The junction of ridge purlin and the apex of the truss is a pesky little joint to work out, and of course it can’t be scribed modafinil200mg into place as it is impossible to set 5 or more trusses upright in the workshop!. Well, not impossible, but who wants to do it.

Great care needs to be taken with geometry to make sure that the ridge height accurately corresponds to the underside of the rafters – basically you need to get it in the right place and you only have one shot at it. No pressure then.

Oak Framed Buildings - Castle Ring Oak Frame

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New Year’s Inspiration

I’ve been slowly cranking up my mind and body over the last week ready to make a start on what looks like being a busy year timber framing, and just when I was about to really pick up a mallet and chisel in anger, I was invited to attend a seminar at the brilliant Workhouse Gallery and Cafe in our local town, Presteigne.

It sounded a worthy enough subject – an introduction to a Passivhaus housing development near Hereford – but I hedged my bets thinking that if it wasn’t my bag, at least I could enjoy one of the Workhouse’s celebrated coffees.

I needn’t have worried! Jonathan Hines of ArchiHaus held us in thrall for a good two hours talking us through a groundbreaking sustainable housing development for about 150 new homes in the Herefordshire village of Kingstone

For a more in depth look at the Kingstone development go

But be warned! You might end up adding your name to the waiting list…

There are so many things right with this scheme from start to finish. Good design, careful and considered local consultation, high quality low cost dwellings, community spaces, green corridors and so much more. It makes you realise that actually we don’t need to  put up with the poor quality, ill conceived, developer led urban sprawl that passes for modern housing.

I feel inspired!

Castle Ring Oak Frame

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