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Hip Rafters

When your old hips are worn out you need new ones. You can get them replaced on the NHS of course, or you can come to Castle Ring for a truly bespoke service for hips in oak or douglas fir that are guaranteed to see you out. No anaesthetic required.

Green buildingHip rafters are the 2 diagonal timbers that stretch from the ridge down to the corners or the frame. The jack rafters either bear onto the hip or they attach into the side.

Eco HouseString lines, sliding bevels, a sharp saw and a clear head are essential elements that all need to come together at the same time.

Eco House Oak Frame

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Ecobuild exhibition

Last week, I interrupted my workshop schedule to spend a day at the Ecobuild in London. In view of the event I was attending, I decided that I should really either travel by electric bike, donkey or train. Seeing as I don’t have an electric bike, and the donkey is currently lame, I caught the train at silly o’clock in the morning from Hereford. It’s been years since I’ve sampled the weird and faintly surreal world of pre dawn train stations and for a brief moment I even felt a whiff of nostalgia….. until I sampled my coffee from a styrofoam cup……
The journey was smooth and painless, enlivened by a simply stunning sunrise which lit up the slowly drying English countryside after months of flooding.

EcobuildHaving safely negotiatied the tube system I reached the Excel centre on the banks of the Thames and braced myself for a day of information gathering.

Ecobuild Blimey! 6 hours later I emerged blinking into the sunlight having had my intellect and conscience assaulted by all manner of renewable, sustainable, ecological and environmentally friendly technologies and ideas. From bike racks to air source heat pumps, rainwater harvesting to passive house design.
Traumatised by the scale, and dare I say it, commercialisation of it all, I reflected on the way home to our little corner of Wales that this is the future. People are out there making and doing things that can make a difference. We’d better get used to it and embrace it.

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