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The North


Phil and Kay came down to see us at Castle Ring last year and commissioned us to design and build their new oak framed house somewhere up North. Of course we said yes and got to work producing drawings and eventually framing up their 3 bedroom, 2 storey structure in the workshop over a couple of months, while Phil prepared the groundworks for the frame and erected the scaffolding.

Last week, we hit our raising deadline, loaded up an artic with the disassembled frame, packed our toothbrushes and pyjamas, and hit the tarmac on an epic road trip towards the Arctic Circle, or at least that’s what it felt like. For what seemed like days we enjoyed (?) the monotonous monotony of mile after endless mile of M5, M42 and M1 until eventually we ran out of motorway and arrived at our destination somewhere just shy of Durham.

We were so far North that we found ourselves in 24hrs continuous daylight surrounded by stunted tundra vegetation and herds of migrating reindeer being tended by strange looking Teeside folk with funny accents.

Ok, enough of the exaggeration. It was a few miles further than we normally go but it was great to see some more of the world than we normally do and to experience three days of relentless hot weather along with the warmth and generosity of Phil and Kay and the Teeside community.

Bar a bit of a dodgy b & b, which is a blog post in itself, everything went smoothly. We arrived on site at the same time as the articulated lorry, the sun shone, the frame went up in a day and fitted like a glove to Phil’s blockwork, we didn’t leave any bits of oak back in Wales! and most importantly of all Phil and Kay can now gaze upon their beautiful oak frame from the comfort of their caravan in the knowledge that their new house is finally taking shape.

Then Andy, Jake, Dani and I packed up and drove home – downhill all the way.

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When we’re not timber framing…‏

You would think that when we’re not busy rootling around in the workshop knocking timber frames together, or travelling up and down the country putting them up, we would take the chance, when it presented itself, to take the weekend off and do nothing more strenuous than count the damselflies flitting round the pond, or observe the beech nuts swelling like plump ticks after all this wet warm weather.
Last weekend was one such and we did nothing ……but walk through our gate into the iron age hillfort and enjoy the most exquisite and distinctive mini music festival imaginable just 50 yards from our back door!
The Full Circle festival had been dreamt up and turned into reality by the good people of Presteigne under the guidance of Alison and Pete. Bands were booked, marquees erected, caterers commissioned, signs written, bunting hung, tickets sold, and all against the looming backdrop of a hugely common pessimistic weather forecast. In fact a weather “event” which even had a name – “Spanish plume”. You know it’s serious when it’s got a name.
This was to be a no vehicle mystery festival. People who bought tickets were required to embark on a shuttle bus service from Presteigne not knowing where they would end up. Genius. I’m told there were people who attended the whole festival who still didn’t know where they’d been by the time they arrived back home (and not just because of the cider consumed)
Well, the celtic gods must have been in good spirits because, against all the odds, the weather passed us by and the sun shone, the food and drink tasted great, the bands had us all dancing and a right good time was enjoyed by all.

Castle Ring Oak Frame

Castle Ring Oak Frame
With thanks to Alex Ramsay for his amazing photos of Full Circle

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