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Wood and Steel‏

Wood is such a deeply tactile and pleasing material to work with, full of interesting features, anomalies and imperfections. Unusual grain patterns, colours, knots and twists that all trace the timber back to a living and growing tree.

Contrast the sawn surface of green oak with the clean, phentermine med sharp, smooth and surgical lines of stainless steel makes for a magical combination. These oak and stainless steel trusses were designed by local structural engineer Donald McIntyre as part of a new build on the Isle of Wight, and fabricated here at Castle Ring.

Donald McIntyre and Castle Ring Oak Frame steel timber frameDonald McIntyre and Castle Ring Oak Frame steel trussesDonald McIntyre and Castle Ring OakCastle Ring Oak FrameWood and Steel timber frame
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Timber Frame Fairies – Fact or Fiction?‏

Some people swear they’ve glimpsed fairies at the bottom of the garden. As I’ve not seen any myself I can’t really pass judgement.

I can tell you however that timber frame fairies do exist – not that you ever see them either, but they will often capriciously move workshop tools around when you’re not looking, and occasionally put a sharp edge on a blunt chisel or pencil.

Castle Ring Oak Frame

After a hard day’s work last week, we ran out of energy before being able to assemble a gable frame. So we downed tools ready to piece it all together in the morning. Imagine our surprise then when we opened the workshop doors…………..


Castle Ring Oak Frame

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