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A Timber Frame Raising

To pick up the thread of our last blog post, we were sitting by, and not in, a hot tub eating lunch having made a decent start on raising a full house frame for Phil and Kay in Durham.

With barely enough time to get indigestion, it’s back to work hoisting the wallplates into place and then…..

Castle Ring Oak Frame

The king post trusses are fully assembled at ground level on trestles. The curved braces that will eventually support the ridge purlins are also fitted at this point to avoid fitting them at height later on.


Castle Ring Oak Frame

Sending complete trusses soaring into the sky is always a thrill and a good photo opportunity.


Castle Ring Oak Frame

The trusses are then oriented correctly (this gable truss is faced outwards) and gently lowered onto the teasel tenons of the bayposts, being careful not to forget the bracing.


Castle Ring Oak Frame | Frame Raising

Cross frames for the one storey part of the build can be fully assembled complete with funky sling braces and curved collar.

Timber frame raising


Castle Ring Oak Frame

This section joins up with an existing brick barn outbuilding so great care was taken at the design stage to ensure the roof planes would match.


Oak Frame

With the main structure fully raised, it’s time to fit the wind bracing to the roof. With the purlins cogged over the principal rafters, cleats are fixed against the purlins to stop any rocking and the braces nailed down onto the top of the main rafters.


Timber frame wind bracing

Lovely curved wind bracing not only looks good but also provides vital resistance against racking forces.


Castle Ring Oak Frame Rob Dawson and team

Andy, Dani, Jake and Rob having a quick break and doing some posing.


timber frame pegs

Back to work driving in the 600 or so hand made oak pegs and feeling the whole frame tightening up.


Oak frame house

The weather just gets better and better.


Self Build Timber Frame

Time for some more posing with Phil (the modest one).


Castle Ring Oak Frame

As the sun fades and brings to an end a hugely satisfying frame raising.

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