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We’ve been planting trees for the last few days in the glorious weather – a mixture of native broadleaves, oak, cherry, beech, with scattered field maple, crab apple and aspen at the margins, on the southerly slope looking down over the Walton Basin.
It’s the last 3 acres of planting to be done at Castle Ring. We started in 1999 and have clocked up well over 40,000 now. All with the same trusty spade and dodgy back. Amazing to think that even though we have 36 acres, we’ve probably walked on every square inch now.
We flushed out a fox who scarpered off down the valley in a huff, have witnessed lots of lazy ladybirds resting before summer action, and note that the buzzards are beginning to circle overhead, no doubt hoping that we keel over soon in the heat……….

We might not be around to see the trees come to maturity but hopefully someone will benefit.

Rob Dawson Castle Ring

Castle Ring Oak Frame Tree planting

Castle Ring Oak Frame Tree planting Powys

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