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Trestles or “Saw Ponies”‏

Essential beast of burden for all timber framers, the “saw pony” (or trestle, as some pedants like to call them) is a critical part of the workshop setup.

Most oak framers lay out the frames horizontally at a sensible working height so that the top surface of the frame (the face) is flush and level. Having a substantial herd of readily accessible ponies is therefore imperative on larger frames to support all the lumpy bits of oak. It goes without saying then that the physiological characteristics of the saw pony have to be carefully selected – it needs 4 (seems obvious I know) sturdy slightly splayed legs to form a steady and resolute base, and a rock solid straight back that can comfortably support over a ton of weight for long periods of time.

Saw Pony | Trestle | Timber frame | Oak frame

Temperament is another important area where the saw pony must be carefully selected. Standing still for days in a hot and dusty environment is not going to suit the more flighty and wild members of the breed. At Castle Ring we have a rigorous selection policy and reject those ponies who demonstrate capricious and impetuous behaviour. We want boring workhorses, not frivolous fancy dans!

Currently we have a herd of over 60 ponies all of which have been sired by the splendid stallion, Balthazar the Third, who spends his days grazing serenely in the ancient monument.



If you’d like to adopt one of several Castle Ring retired ponies for £100 please get in touch.

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