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It’s always nice to put up an oak frame locally.

For starters it means you can stay in bed a bit longer before setting off in the morning, but one of the main benefits is that the pressure is off when it comes to remembering all the crucial bits and bobs you need for the raising. Don’t get me wrong, you still need the same bits and bobs, but if you forget something, being able to pop home 5 miles away is a real luxury. Jake forgot his hair gel and moisturiser when we were in Hampshire last, and very upset he was too!

Our latest frame went up in Shobdon a few days ago and comprised a single storey exposed oak frame onto a split level stone plinth, with plenty of glass mixed with insulated cedar clad infill panels. The raised height stone plinth is to cater for kitchen work surfaces, and at the same time serves to break up the horizontal lines. Clients Duncan and Lorna have decided to expose the roof trusses, purlins and ridge, opting for softwood rafters with an internal plasterboard finish.

Oak frame extension by Castle Ring Oak Frame

Split level stone plinth designed to accommodate kitchen worktop

A perfectly still, dry October day was the setting for the raising and as you can see Duncan and Lorna joined in the fun, not only plying us with homemade cake and bacon butties, but also lending a hand with the frame assembly.

Oakframe extension timberframe

Oak pegs timberframe

Where oak frames are exposed externally as well as internally, careful detailing is crucial to avoid future weatherproofing problems. Strategic grooves are machined into the frame before it is assembled to allow for the insertion of water shedding DPC, along with lead drips on all horizontal members. It makes for a rather painstaking and fiddly frame raising process, but still, we managed to get the final ridge beam up just before the warm glow of the autumnal sun disappeared over the horizon.

Cutting lead for timberframe

Jacob cutting the lead

Rob dressing the lead

Rob dressing the lead

Oakframe extension

Nearly done

Oakframe extension

Fixing the cleats to stop the purlins rolling.

timberframe ridge stabilised with cleats

Ridge stabilised with cleats

timberframe windbraces

Windbraces in place

Oakframe extension

Oakframe extension

We’ll try and keep you posted on this project as it progresses.

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