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An Oak Frame balcony

A recent project: the “round the corner” balcony for a new build in Bromyard, Herefordshire, which featured the longest scarf jointed plate we have ever made here at Castle Ring. The house has a contemporary split pitch roof design with lots of modern features. 

3D model of the frame –Oak balcony timberframe

Before we started work on the balcony the builders prepared the bases for the concrete staddle stones and posts. Galvanised brackets were built into the wall to receive the tie beams – this means there are no posts against the wall. The brackets have to be millimetre perfect for the balcony to fit. You can’t tell, but behind the camera there’s a lot of stress going on at this stage!

Balcony oakframe oak frame

Work begins in the workshop. Here’s Rob chisel marking the joints.

chisel marking

Cross frame “3”.

Castle Ring Oak Frame

Frame “4” with table scarfed plate, post and curved bracing all held together with podgers:

timber frame podgers

Possibly the longest scarf jointed plate we have ever made – over 16m! Poking out the workshop here at Castle Ring:

scarf joint timber frame

Balcony scarfed wallplate with rebate. Notice the central mortice which receives the tie beams from the top of the post to the wall bracket:

timber frame joint carpentry

Wall frame of the balcony finished and ready to come apart for the raising. We left the posts long so that we could cut to length according to the “staddle stones” on site.:

timber frame oak frame workshop

On site:

Oak balcony

Castle Ring Oak Frame balcony

Table scarf and braces for crossframe 5. Roman numerals much easier to chisel.

Table scarf and braces for crossframe

The neighbour’s development with a balcony we supplied a few months previously:


The balcony deck will be dropped into the 30mm rebate set down into the oak beams. You can’t see from this photo but the joists drop in with a dovetail joint:

View out from the upstairs living room through the sliding doors.


If you’re worried about the balustrade (or lack of….) it’s going to be made of glass so as not to obstruct the beautiful southerly views of the Malvern hills:


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