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Hitting things with dead buffalos

Ok, I admit I was trying to get your attention…..but there is some truth in this headline grabbing blog title. Read on:

You might think the ancient and civilised craft of timber framing is performed in a hushed and reverential silence broken only by the subtle squeak of a hand plane, or the reassuring purr of a handsaw across the compliant grain of subjugated timber……

Far from it.

The music gets cranked up to 11 to get us in the mood (it could be AC/DC, Beethoven’s 9th or the Sex Pistols) before we unleash a clamorous cacophony of machinery in the form of chainsaws, morticers, circular saws and drills. In amongst this infernal hullabaloo we find plenty of time to bash and smash things with various boshing instruments most of which are made from the rolled up hide of buffalos (dead ones of course). I’d like to know how the mallet designers arrived at the conclusion that buffalo is best? Personally I’ve always fancied a vegan potato skin mallet but still haven’t managed to source one on the dark web.

We hit and pummel chisels, offset prickers, bits of wood (to move them, or just out of frustration), podgers, and occasionally each other. If something doesn’t quite move as desired, or a chisel is too blunt, there is always a bigger mallet to use, and we like to name them accordingly – the Commander, the Peacemaker, the Persuader, Brian.

Here are some of them. Collective term for a pile of mallets anyone?

castle ring oak frame rob

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