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Two Bay Garage

Rather than going for one of the many oak framed garage kits, the constraints of the site (it needed to be set into a bank with a retaining wall) meant that a more bespoke solution was needed. Having seen at first hand Rob and his team erect a full oak frame in a day for one of his neighbours, Martin approached Castle Ring Oak Frame for a chat about ideas and costings.

A hybrid design was agreed on, using green oak for the exposed primary elements of the structure, and douglas fir for the roof trusses, purlins and rafters. Rob coordinated all elements of the project using a local builder contact to provide the footings and tanked blockwork retaining wall, ready to receive the frame. Once the frame was up, the garage was roofed with reclaimed clay tiles, douglas fir weatherboarding, and finished off with a rustic douglas fir staircase.

“After getting a lot of quotes for building a new two bay garage (with lofted room over it), we were lucky enough to meet Rob after a neighbour had used him for a timber framed building project. We were impressed with what he had done there, and having visited his own amazing home near Presteigne, we engaged Rob’s services and were lucky enough to be able to see the whole project come together. Rob’s planning and attention to detail were excellent – a true craftsman down to the nuances of each joist and piece of oak. The whole build was great, traditional pegging and jointing, wood lapping and door were expertly put together on an individual basis. Rob and a builder friend did everything, so it really was planned, drawn up, measured, cut and built by the same hand…even the external staircase was meticulously thought through. A great personalised piece of work.
Needless to say we are very happy with it and would endorse Rob’s work to anyone interested in a timber framed building. Just see his own award winning home to see the quality of work you’ll receive. ”
– Dr & Mrs Martin Toms

Project Summary


  • Two bay lofted garage
  • Bespoke design
  • Full timber frame including trusses and purlins
  • External staircase


  • Workshop – three weeks
  • On site – three days
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Castle Ring Cart Shed

Most people we know are now finely attuned to that look in my eye which indicates I’m about to ask an eight hour favour, and will have a fine and verifiable excuse ready and waiting to trot out.

The trick, I have learnt, is to innocently ask people round for coffee and then spring the frame raising on them having removed their car keys. It works every time but is somewhat dependent on an annual increase of net migration to the Welsh Marches.

Malcolm and Karen were the latest victims and happily joined in the fun with gusto and enthusiasm, holding posts, knocking in pegs and podgers and braving the odd sharp squally shower. Thanks also to new recruit Jacob and grizzled pro Simon.

This lovely cart shed has been designed to house our old vintage caravan in the raised bay, to park a car, for log storage at both ends and as a garden shed. It took 4 weeks to make in the workshop and 4 hours to put up. Let’s hope it lasts 400 years.

Project Summary


  • Three bay cart shed 66m2
  • Bespoke design with raised central bay and hips
  • Log store catslide at both ends
  • Exposed timbers in oak, all other timbers douglas fir


  • Workshop – three weeks
  • Raising – one day
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Outdoor Kitchen

You know you’re doing a good job when clients come back offering you more work. This time Martin and Heather were looking for an oak framed outdoor kitchen to supplement their recent Castle Ring Oak Frame tractor barn.

With easy access to their house, just across the yard, the building was to have two sheltered open sides, and an integrated stove/chimney with plumbed in water. We designed a simple no frills frame with posts set on staddle stones and three king post trusses, purlins, ridge and wind bracing.

Martin and Heather fully participated in the raising, helping things along on a boiling hot day with bottles of their own home made cider

The resulting finished frame is a well used and delightful addition to their property. One of our favourite projects.

Project Summary


  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Hand crafted frame with barn feel
  • 30m2
  • Three x king post trusses


  • Workshop – two weeks
  • On site – one day
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Tractor Barn

Here’s a three bay single storey barn for farm implements and vintage tractor – the wallplate height was crucial to allow access. When Martin ordered the frame, he originally requested a two bay barn only to change his mind part way through the manufacturing process! Could we please turn it into a three bay barn!

Adding another bay turned out to be quite straightforward and while we were finishing off the extra carpentry in the workshop, Martin was overseeing the completion of the stone plinth and groundworks.

Fortunately there were no more surprises and the barn frame went up without a hitch.

Project Summary


  • Tractor barn
  • Three bay outbuilding in traditional barn style
  • Sufficient headroom for vintage tractor
  • Four king post trusses
  • Granite staddle stones


  • Workshop – two weeks
  • On site – one day
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Chepstow Canopy

This was a nice little project that still manages to create quite an impact.

It’s an open but covered dining area come rain or shine (in Wales, that can happen on the same day), and compliments the hot-tub and barbecue.


Oak rafters and exposed tiling batten ensure that the inside is as attractive as the outside.

Project Summary


  • Ridged, open, outdoor canopy
  • 23m2
  • Simple single bay structure with exposed oak rafters
  • Batten and slate to be visible internally


  • Workshop – one week
  • On site – one day
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